Sunday, August 29, 2010

I hate it when i can't stop arguing with myself

okay, i admit it
i can't explain myself
yes it's true
i don't even know what i'm feeling inside
this is absurd
i'm trying to figure it out with my brain
but my heart starts a riot on me
and i feel like
i can't even let my heart and brain be a good friend
so now i'm arguing with myself

cause i'm trying to let you go
but my heart won't let me
here i am

Thursday, August 12, 2010


if you think your life is better than mine you should take time to realize
if you think you've ruined my freaking life you're totally wrong
if you think that i wouldn't be happy you're such a stupid dumbass

i wanna let you know
when we broke up
i just had realized that it was the best moment of our relationship
if you thought that you've ruined my life
well yeah i thought you were
but then i was so thankful
because you made me stronger and now i live my life in the right path
so thanks for you
and if you thought that my life was so pathetic cause i'm single
and you already has new companion
well you prove me that you're a total moron
cause if stupid relationship became your first priority and pride accomplishment
well then we obviously have a different priority
i wanna graduate from my university with great score and get a nice job
so i could make my daughter and family happy
for me love just my last priority
cause if it's the right time for me to get my mr. right
it will happen just like that

so you should know
that you're such an immature BOY
if you're mocking around about me and called me BITCH
that's your problem
cause you should be ashamed
remember?you're the one who was begging for my love
and i don't want you anymore
so you acted that way
that's pathetic

f.y.i before you started it i never try to make yourself looks stupid in front of other people
cause that such a childish way to end the relationship
but you want it this way
so here it this
you are a cowardly stupid boy with tiny mind and you're a pathetic liar

live your freaking life
you suck