Tuesday, June 19, 2012

painful headache

the goddamn pain or the tiring anger or the ache of the stupid heart
one of them kissed my forehead and left this fucking painful headache
im not tired of trying
im not tired of this things
im not tired of you
im tired of you behavior
and seriously you should realize that there's a time for you to shut

im getting use to it
but still it's not hard to be pissed if you keep angry and selfish
it's not hard to be pissed while i'm trying so hard to be patient and you keep mocking around about how careless i am and how i'm lack of understanding
it's not hard to be pissed when you don't even realized all i want is a moment of silent and listening to what i want

give me one moment to be the one who could act like a bitch and still be the right guy after all
why it's so hard to holding back for someone you love that much?
you said that you love me more than yourself over and over again
where's that love?

sorry for questioning
but really this headache painfully killing me