Saturday, April 30, 2011

gone going gone

i'm not a liar
but i'm telling lies
i'm not a lover
but i i'm loving

i hate so many things
but i forgive

i love so many people
but i left them

i would like to stay
but i'm gone instead

i'm not leaving
just gone with the wind

(banyu bening)


it's been awhile

i've got nothing to say

i don't know

got a pretty bad mood today
kinda lost also
felling sick and tired
disoriented i guess

well i hate my REAL LIFE
i wanna get lost in my daydreaming
i wanna run away

when i'm not that sober
it feels great
it's like living in my own dream
and that's what i really need

so . . .
i don't wanna be sober
i don't wanna be awake
gotta feeling high
and let me fly without wings