Sunday, June 26, 2011

our fights = i love you

we're fighting like a lot lately --"
but after the fight we'll miss each other so much
and YOU especially kinda love the fight
cause for u it means i do care of you and i do love you
maybe it's true
we care TOO much
that's why we're fighting cause we're just too worried
and now i know every 'whatever' and every 'shut up'
means 'i love you,please understand'

love you
a lot! as much as our fights well more than our fights LOL

Monday, June 20, 2011

still don't get it

okeh gw harus belajar terima kenyataan
gw idup dalam mimpi yg masih ngawang2, mimpi semu
gw gag mikir ke depannya idup gw bakal jadi apa
semua keliatannya cuma ampas

gw happy sekarang
gw beneran happy
meskipun ada beribu masalah nusuk gw dari belakang
masih ada beberapa alasan yang bikin gw sedikit happy

cuma klo gw lagi mikir kenyataan yang sebenernya
HAPPY-nya gw gag bakal bisa tahan lama
entah happy gw itu for another weeks, months, or if i was lucky enough for another years

gw gag tau mau gw bawa kmana idup gw
gw gag tau apa yang musti gw lakuin
mungkin gw emang cuma bisa let it flow
mungkin gw akan begini terus
mungkin gw akan bangkit pelan2 sambil ngesot2 gag jelas

yang pasti
gw gag mau mikir
gw sedih klo gw balik ke kenyataan

jadi biarlah gw idup dalam bayang2
karna jujur
i still don't get it! --"

hello there, MISS YOU

okay, last week or maybe last two weeks
i told my best friend that maybe i should have to make it clear
well you know my relationship's getting deeper
i don't wanna get hurt, and i don't want him to get hurt
so i guess we should just make it more fun and build a wall between us
just to make sure we're doing it right
i think you know what's happening rite now
we're getting closer and i'm falling in too deep
guess what
i don't care
cos i really am happy to be with him
and this is fun
if at the end of the day i was the one who's getting hurt
that's the consequences of loving rite?
here we are again
two love birds in confusing moment
i love you :p

Monday, June 13, 2011


cheated (worst :p)
being cheated, omg so sad
it's just well i never be cheated
i ever cheated
i ever be the girl that make these guys cheating on their girlfriend
but i never be cheated :) LOL
being cheated (maybe) just feel like you're just some crap
if you're good enough than your partner wouldn't be cheating on you right?
that sucks
sorry girls, i'm so sorry

cheating (nice)
it's just nice to do it
well you know
the excitement
the euphoria
new story, with a naughty twist
that's just so boosting up my mood LOL
but in the end we'll be so confused about where this thing's gonna end
that's the bad part

being the one who make other people CHEAT (confusing)
it's not a good part too
cause you're not the real one
you should hide
but still the excitement just nice etc etc
but that kinda sucks when you involve feelings
cause you should know
he could end this relationship anytime in order to keep his REAL gf
that SUCKS

we shouldn't have any affair
but if you choose to do it
do it right
and don't forget

Thursday, June 9, 2011

flying without wings

i'm in love with that feeling
feeling so fly and forgetting all of those craps for a moment
but the thing i hate the most is
when suddenly you just come back
reality getting clearer and it kills me

i wanna fly high
i don't wanna fall i don't wanna wake up
let me fly
without wings

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


entah knapa dri kmaren kata2 ini mantek di otak gw
dan entah knapa hari ini gw lagi males nulis sesuatu berbau ingin mati bunuh diri dan jatuh cinta haha

sbenernya apa itu galau
mnurut gw galau itu saat dimana loe sedih (biasanya karna urusan cinta dan tetek bengeknya yang emang brengsek) dan gag tau mau ngapain, dan loe itu hanya menggalau

knapa gw bisa blg galau itu guilty pleasure?
entah knapa tyap gw liat timeline di twitter gw setengahnya adalah tweet galau
dan klo gw liat timeline gw sndiri, stengahnya pun tweet galau

apa sii enaknya menggalau?
jelas2 galau itu sedih --"
tapi kita slalu galau tiap hari
dan kita ekspos kegalauan kita dan kita tetep gag mau ktauan galau
karna itu makanya gw bilang GALAU is my GUILTY PLEASURE

yakali, gag lah yaa cyiiiin
pdahal gw abis ngetweet
" i know we're gonna be nothing, but i don't care "

sgala kegalauan ini bikin gw pusing dan bingung
knapa kita slalu galau
dan knapa kita mau org tau kita galau
apakah karna galau kita cari perhatian?
knapa ud ktauan galau gag mau ngaku
apakah takut kliatan lemah?
knapa ud tau galau gag enak kita tetep suka menggalau
apakah sebenernya sedih itu adiktif?

gw masih bingung tentang makna galau
tapi yang jelas gw tau

Monday, June 6, 2011

i'm (might be) in love with you

it's like one month well maybe almost two months
we're drowning in this relationship
well okay you've got a girlfriend (duh)

(before i write any further i gotta tell you all that i'm kinda attracted to taken guys, cos this is the 3rd time i have this kind of relationship, as the 3rd party, shit!)

so, it's like we're falling into this mess quite deep
is it love?
well i know it's not about how long you've been with someone
but how it feels
do you FEEL the chemistry?
do you WANT to be with them?
do you NEED them?
do you WANT to LOVE them?

it's getting more confusing cos i know you're not playing any games
you do care of me
you got nothing from annoying girl like me
but you want to be with me
and i feel the same way

a lot of weird things going on
and the weirdest part is we exactly feel the same thing
i miss you already whenever you drive me home and we're already so close to my house
and you just feel it too
whenever you're not around i could sense your scent
then you told me that you could feel it, before i told you

but i just wondering
how long you'll be around?
i don't wanna have high expectation
and honestly
i really really try to build a strong wall around my heart
i don't wanna be TOO in love with you
but it's hard
whenever i think with my brain
my heart screams

well we could just let it flow
and enjoy our time
cos nobody knows
how long we could be together like this
(maybe) i really do love you