Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i'm not a LIAR

I'm sad
But it's not because of you
I just don't get it
Why I could be that stupid?
For believing every single things that you said
For being so tolerant to your immature attitude
I should know it
We shouldn't be together

About all of this mess
Let me fix it by myself

Just bye

Monday, March 22, 2010

kasiiiaaaaannnnn hahaha

Ada banyak orang yang menolak untuk menerima dirinya sendiri
Mereka mati-matian menyangkal diri mereka sendiri
Dan semua tingkah laku mereka palsu

Pertanyaannya adalah "apakah sebegitu memalukannya diri kalian sampai gag punya keberanian buad jdi diri sendiri?"
Mereka norak
Knapa? Karena mereka berlaku konyol untuk terlihat baik
Please,itu konyol

Mereka biasanya berpura-pura senang
Jelas mereka tidak bahagia
Mereka ditolak semua orang termasuk keluarga mereka sendiri
Itulah alasan mereka menyangkal diri sendiri
Terlalu banyak penolakan

Jujur saya kasian
Apa daya
Mereka memang menyedihkan


Sunday, March 14, 2010

just gonna be a FOOL one time

Yes I admit it I ever be a stupid foolish little girl
At that time I was acting like a crazy lady in love
That wasn't love that was a terrible stupidity
I was in love with the wrong guy in the wrong situation
All I did was something wrong

Then I realized it, at some point I felt enough with that shitty things
So I finished it all
That crap was over and I couldn't be better than this

That shit gave me a big bloody mark
But I don't even care I could fix everything that I want
This is my life and I'm the boss of everything
I won't let myself stuck in the pathetic hole

I could survive and ignore them
Everyone could make mistakes
The differences is only about how big is the bruises that we have made
I don't fucking care if they give me that judgement look

I live my life in my own way
I made a misrakes and I fix it
They should be ashamed because they only yap
But if they were me I don't think they could stand strong

Life is hard
But we are strong enough to fight for it!

Friday, March 12, 2010


great! how stupid i am
you always been there all of this time
we used to be an item
why i have to let those things happen?
why i have to be a fucking foolish to let you go

then i realize that i'm fucking in love with you like forever
i never knew it would be you
i guess i could move on
but you're so damn addictive

with you again

YES IT'S YOU mylove