Saturday, August 27, 2011

sooner or later

i've got nothing to say
my tears already say it all
i've got nothing to do
my silence does it all
i've got nothing to prove
my love would prove it all
i've got nothing to lose
my mind will keep it all
i've got nothing but you
my heart will never lie

sooner or later things will turn out like the way it has to be
sooner or later i'll find the answer of my sadness that killing me
sooner or later i'll know what i have to do
sooner or later you'll know why i act this way
sooner or later we'll find out where this things could go
sooner or later

don't ask me why

why do i even love you?
i don't know

you know what
you must love with no reason
you love them because you want to love them
you need them because you love them

if you love someone because they're kind, funny, smart, whatever
would you still love them when they're not kind, funny, or smart anymore?
people change
if they change would you still love them?
or would you just left them because they lost the things that you loved
and would you blame them because they've changed?
would you?

i don't wanna love because of something
l'll love when i want to love
when it feels right to love

i love you for who you are
when you change
i'll still love you
cause it's still you no matter what
there's no if there's no but

i love you

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

let it happen like the way it has to be

When you've got nothing to do to make things right maybe it's your time to let things happen like the way it has to be

wish I could turn back this fucking time

My life is a total mess
If I had a chance to turn back time I would love to do it
But,there are some things that I don't want to change
If I changed one thing, would it change the others?
I don't know how to make things right lately
Everything's ruined
And I'm done trying
I'm giving up since forever I guess
There's nothing I can do
Cause actually there's nothing I want to do
I'm miserably pathetic
I live my life for the sake of nothing
I just have no choice
I wanna end it
But I don't know how
I wish somebody could tell me what am I supposed to do
But I guess nobody could tell me
Cause there's no answer
There's a lot of questions
But it will be unanswered questions forever
Help me out!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

wish i was wrong

i'm a really pessimistic person
cause i learnt it hard way
it's hard to watch your father falling apart and forget it just like that
he told me that i should see anything by its bad side so it won't be that hurt when it really happens

so that's becoming my habit
everything could be really bad in my sight
and i'm scared too much
and i always feel that all good things will come to an end in any minute
and i wish that i was wrong
cause i'm really scared to lose him
i want him just for a little long moment
idk what happen next but just give me time

fuck it
i'm getting sad with no reason (again)
i could be so sad for something that not even happen (yet, maybe? idk)

okay i'll just stop
i wish i was wrong i wish happy ending really does exist
i wish

helplessly knowing nothing

i know something's wrong with you
i know you know what's the reason of your depressing phase
i know you just don't wanna tell me

here's the thing
i'm not forcing you to let me know everything that's going on in your life
i never asked just because the sake of afraid not because idc
i'm afraid of being annoying, i'm afraid if i cross the line
but when i didn't ask while actually i'm knowing some things
i just wait for you to spill it out
but i guess i'm not the right place for you to share
well idk
i'm just sad because i can't help
i really want to make you feel better
but what i suppose to do when i know nothing
what i suppose to say when it's just a fucking lucky guess
and what should i do when i already know the reason but from the others?

i really am look stupid
always be the last to know
and acting cool
for god's sake
the truth is
i'm not fine and you are not fine
i knw why but i've got nothing to do while i have to act like idk

u knw what
that sucks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


okay i admit it this is supposed to be baby's cartoon
but i really love it and it's so sad
you should watch it and you'll know
mumu always be alone
the other cute creature only come for a little time and will always left mumu
i know what it feels like to be left and alone for so many times
that's why i love this movie so much

it's not fair to be left for so many times
why i have to be happy if in the end i have to say goodbye
but life isn't fair anyway
and i hate it
quick hello
and goodbye



how i love your smile
how i love your laugh
how i love your hair
how i love you face
how i love touch
how i love your kiss
how i love your jokes
how i love your childishness
how i love your anger
how i love your annoying things
how i love our stupid conversation
how i love our thing
how i love our habitual thingy
how i love our silly moments
how i love our crazy stuffs
how i love anything that going on between us

how could i ever forget you?


feeling like dying
i hate everything
i hate this situation
i hate myself
i hate my life

what should i do?
there's nothing much to do
i couldn't do anything but accepting the truth
reality sucks
my life sucks


Monday, August 8, 2011

little you in me

nothing much to say
nothing much to show
cause i guess you already know

nothing much to prove
nothing much to lose
cause it happens just like that it's nothing to lose

nothing much to do
nothing much but you
i got you in me
i got you everywhere
i got you every time

Sunday, August 7, 2011

i miss you and that's bad

i miss you
missing someone is slightly killing you inside
it feels weird it feels not right
it sucks

i miss you
like heaven cause missing you is my guilty pleasure
like hell cause it makes me sick

i miss you
whenever we say goodbye i miss you already
when i kiss you goodbye my heart skips a beat it feels like i'm lost

i miss you
i can't take it
i need you