Saturday, December 24, 2011


we fight we pissed we mocking we murmuring
but it's all worth it anyway
i don't care how much we fight how much we yell
all i know is i'm so happy to be with you

for some people
they keep holding on because they're afraid to lose someone
they're afraid to feel the pain
although they aren't happy anymore

but that's so not me
i ever be sad i ever be disappointed i ever be pissed
but that's not what it's all about
i'm happy to be with you
that's the reason why i keep holding on
there goes my pride
so what?
it's not about pride anymore
and i know i've changed a lot
i may lose some of my fun but who cares
that type of fun just last for one night
but you
you make me happy every single day

so, don't you ever questioning
am i happy
or do i regret this
i'm so happy
and i love you

Saturday, December 10, 2011

start with forever


nothing to say

i love you

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

price i pay

to be loved and loving

it's a beautiful thing
the most happiest thing
i really love to loving you
and i love to be loved by you

we fight a lot
this isn't our best week
this isn't our best moment
i'm pissed mostly not by your act
i'm pissed because i wish i could be more than this
i mean
i'd rather be the one to blame and make it right at the end of the day
i don't give a damn about my pride
but i just can't
i'm just a human anyway
i could be pissed
and you really are pushing the wrong button
you've gone too far
and i'm mad actually

i just try to keep it together
i don't wanna make it worse
i was just try to holding back

yes it's the price i pay
but i don't mind
i don't wanna lose you
i love you so much
i just sad cause i feel like you don't even realize it
you don't even try to change

i just
i don't know
maybe you don't love me like the way i want
it's fine

i love you anyway
just please don't let me go

i miss you, i miss us