Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

honestly, i wish you were here

Hey mister cold
How's your day?
I really wanna know what do you do today
I want to just say hi and good night
But well
Yeah as usual I'm a cowardly girl
I wish I could do whatever I want

I just don't wanna make you confused
If I show you how much I care
You must be really confused
You wouldn't have any idea about the responses from all of my careness
I miss you like hell

Just wanna say
Sweet dream
I know you couldn't sleep now

Just don't be such an insomniac
That's not good for your health
I miss you already
I wanna hug you :p

Love you

Do you remember?
(Selamanya) it's so nice to hear you say that word
I love you

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my life would suck without you

you'll always be my baby :)

releasing moment

I've been acting stupid this whole time
And finally I could be.brave
And it's not that bad
It isn't bad at all
And I'm so happy

I don't care if you will never know how much I love you
I don't care if I will never be with you
As long as I could be there as your friend
As long as you know me
As long as I know anything that happen to you
It's more than enough

I love you
And I'll never get over it
And I don't care
Cause I'm happy :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

im so stupid

i hate it!
you know what
whenever im with you i feel that butterflies in my stomach, literally!
and my mouth just shut
i cant say anything
im so nervous
darn it!
i was like junior high school girl who fell in love with her friend!
why oh why?????!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

gonna meet you there

gonna see your smile
hello mister COLD

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

maybe i call it LOVE

this several days my mood was so mellow and i hate it
cause i cant stop thinking bout you!
that's unfair while you dont even care that im exist
i guess

i miss my MISTER COLD

your carelessness just make me really pissed and crazy at the same time
cause your carelessness not annoying at all
and it's kinda cute for me
supercrazy me

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i am a stupid stalker --"

cause i'm so in love with you
and you make me so nervous around you
so i can't let you know how i'm feeling inside

miss you
please get back home

mister COLD

Saturday, May 15, 2010

love is just a stupidity, but how about all of my feelings for you, is it a stupidity too?

just a stupid thought
maybe it's just because OF this fucking trouble-sleepping

i just read some novel and all of those love stories..
they gives us happpy ending
well actually
the first book talks about their struggle to be together
but the second book just told us how happy they are after that long journey

well well
love isn't that easy i guess
cause after all this time
i still couldn't taste the sweet thing about love

all of these guys just make me sick and disgusted by their attitude
well except this litlle mister cold

he was there
he was giving his best
and i was a silly girl who just wanna have fun

i was falling into another guy
many guys actually
but all of them couldn't satisfy me
cause deep inside my heart this mister cold always gat his part

now after i'm falling head over heals for him
he just ignores me

i don't even know if he notice me
maybe for him i was just another distraction
or just a FRIEND
not even best friend

i wanna let him know
but i just can't

and i just realized that love just about stupidity
and i'm sick of that things

i don't wanna be in love
but i just keep loving him
i love him
and i know it is love
this ain't another lust
this is love

but it's just too little too late
isn't it?

i wish you could give me another chance

i wish you were the one that i'll spend my life with
i wish it was you
i wish
i wish
i wish

well mister cold
stop playing this hard to get games
cause i couldn't be more careless than this
and it's tiring
i want you

Monday, May 10, 2010

electric guitar

this guy reminds me of someone with that electric guitar


aku ingin menghilang

mungkin berlebihan bila aku berkata hidupku terlalu melelahkan
tapi aku rasa tiap orang memiliki titik henti di mana mereka boleh menghela nafas dan berkata
mungkin berlebihan bila aku terlalu sakit hingga memilih mati
tapi bukankah semua orang punya presepsi sakit yang berbeda-beda?

sekarang aku sudah cukiup kuat untuk bangkit
meskipun langkahku berdarah-darah tapi aku tetap mampu untuk terseok-seok mencari jalan yang baru

di awal kegilaan ini
aku merasa putus asa karena aku tau
semua mimpiku hangus dibakar waktu
dan tak ada lagi yang bisa kulakukan selain mengemban tanggung jawab yang terpaksa aku jalani
aku tidak punya pilihan untuk bahagia
karena aku tau mimpiku berujung pada kamu

aku tau kamu terlalu jauh untuk kugapai
dan kini kamu terlalu mahal untuk kumiliki

namun aku sekarang mengerti
saat aku masih bisa di sini dan melihat senyummu mengambang
mungkin aku memang masih hidup

aku mencoba meminimalkan luka yang sudah ada
aku menekan semua keinginanku agar hatiku hampa
karena ternyata lebih mudah menjadi mayat hidup tanpa hati
karena aku tidak pelu menelan rinduku yang terlampau pahit

aku mencoba berbahagia dengan segala hal sederhana
aku mencoba bahagia karena masih bisa bernafas
aku mencoba bahagia karena di dunia tempat aku terasing ini
masih ada kamu

terlalu gilakah aku untuk membiarkan semua hidupku berotasi padamu?
kurasa tidak
karena tanpa kamu aku tidak sanggup lagi
karena kamu aku berharap masih ada satu mimpi yang bisa aku kerjar
karena kamu aku terdengar lebih manusia
karena aku merasakan cinta
lagipula aku tidak meminta apa-apa
aku tidak mengeluh
aku tidak menangis
aku menyimpan ini sendiri
aku tak peduli bila kamu tak tau

dan bila suatu saat nati kita tetap tidak bisa bersama
aku tetaplah sangat beruntung karena bisa hidup dan bertambah tua
di sekitar kamu









where are you

i know you're playing cool
but it won't kill you if you just say hi
or whatever

darn it!
where the hell are you?!

do you remember?

i miss you


yes it was you !
i can't believe it how long i haven't seen your face
you're getting cuter
and i just realized how much i miss you
i thought that feeling was getting less and less
but guess what
you're still the one who could make me act stupid
you're the one who could make me shy
you're the one who could make me freeze at one point starring at your face
you're still the one who could make me love someone that much

you should know it
you're just like the air that i breathe
loving you as easy as breathing
no need to think cause that's what my body needs
you're just like my road back to home
i'll always pass that road
like i'll always love you

i miss you
i love you
i want you
i need you

i wish i could turn back time

and again
all i wanna say is

Monday, May 3, 2010

hope is everywhere

dont stop believing
life must go on

Sunday, May 2, 2010

mr. pathetic

it's so funny to see you there
mocking around about me
talking crap about my past
denying your own heart

you should have known that you were act stupid
you knew that you were too much pretending
and you just couldn't forget me
and you just blame it on me

it's pathetic when you couldn't move on
when you know that i was so moving on
it's so sad to be alone
when you know that i'll never be alone

you'll always stuck with that painful thought
cause i'll always be there smiling on your mind
you couldn't lie
cause i know exactly what you feel

mister, i fell nothing about it
when i see you're dying
i just enjoy every second to see you screaming with that pain

mister, i'll never be better than this
cause i just had realized that i shouldn't have to staying here with your stupid mind

mister, you're not better than me
cause you just can't stay strong and facing the truth
you were running away from this fucking reality
and hiding in your lies

mister, you're pathetic
cause you just keep blaming the situation
it's all your fault to be that fucking cowardly dog
that situation was made by your own stupidity

so goodbye forever
have fun with your own loneliness
your lies will never strong enough to protect you from the reality

mister pathetic

Saturday, May 1, 2010


suddenly your face just come up
and i feel totally weird cause i can't really explain what i feel inside
i don't know is it love?
is it nothing?
is it.... what?

but all i know is i miss you
i wish i could see you around

miss you