Sunday, October 24, 2010

i miss you

but you dont even bother to care at all

no im not fine AT ALL

last night i was acting stupid
well i don't care
cause we all just gonna reach some point
when we couldn't move on and just say 'enough'
and i've reached that point
i'm tired of being a fucking pretender
all of those smile was fake
i was faking it
so i guess it's alright to look weak somehow
cause i'm not a superhero
i could be tired
and i could be suicidal

Sunday, October 17, 2010

waiting for your call

pink tank-cotton on.white tank-mangdu.shorts-diy.bags-forever21.flats-the little things she needs

i just need you now

i'm tired of this shit
i'm freaking fucked up
i know it sounds silly,cheesy,immature and whatever i don't care
cause i feel like i can't stand it anymore
i just wanna runaway somewhere alone
and just build a new life, new hope
okay,for realistic way all i have to do is enjoying this fucking life
but how?
i need you to be here with me
at least i'm not alone and i've got someone to hold on
just come