Monday, June 13, 2011


cheated (worst :p)
being cheated, omg so sad
it's just well i never be cheated
i ever cheated
i ever be the girl that make these guys cheating on their girlfriend
but i never be cheated :) LOL
being cheated (maybe) just feel like you're just some crap
if you're good enough than your partner wouldn't be cheating on you right?
that sucks
sorry girls, i'm so sorry

cheating (nice)
it's just nice to do it
well you know
the excitement
the euphoria
new story, with a naughty twist
that's just so boosting up my mood LOL
but in the end we'll be so confused about where this thing's gonna end
that's the bad part

being the one who make other people CHEAT (confusing)
it's not a good part too
cause you're not the real one
you should hide
but still the excitement just nice etc etc
but that kinda sucks when you involve feelings
cause you should know
he could end this relationship anytime in order to keep his REAL gf
that SUCKS

we shouldn't have any affair
but if you choose to do it
do it right
and don't forget

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